2002 K8AQM's shack tour

All stations are networked with eithernet cards and have their own internet connection.

Today K8AQM is not as active as it once was since many members are getting old and no one wants to work for 24 hours in the contests. We operate many of the smaller contests now and I spend many happy hours QRV on 30m and often running QRP. K8AQM/QRP has DXCC, WAS and WAC.

If you ever travel to Michigan please find time to come visit me in Adrian and enjoy operating from K8AQM. We also have a club call K8XXX which we often use. Members of JA3YAQ will always be welcome.

Perhaps next time I will include pictures of my home station in my house that I use for personal smalll operation on all bands.

73 and gud Dxing to all JA3YAQ members,

Ted, ex-7J3ABO, K8AQM


These are pictures of my scrap pile of parts for building antennas. I enjoy building antennas and saving money for Dxing rather than buying commercial antennas.


This is a picture of the K8AQM shack from the outside. The shack is a mobile trailer that is fixed with a 100 amp service, air conditioned and heated, two rooms, a microwave and refrigerator, a telephone line, a cable modem line for internet connections and a screen porch for relaxing. All antenna coax is buried hardline and the XYL(WD8LCH) required me to landscape the area with plants and to keep it clean and painted!


This is a picture of the K8XXX AR-Packetcluster located in one of the rooms of the shack. It has internet connections for users and three rf port connections on 2m, 440mhz and 220mhz. The computer is a Gateway 450mhz with 100 meg RAM. You can see my old Heathkit DX-100 xmtr which has been completely restored and is operational.


This is a view of the 160m, 30m and 20m station. There is an IC-760pro and Alpha 76 for equipment but the Alpha is beings repaired so I use SB-200 for now. All stations have 100 mhz Pentium computers and internet connections. Only antennas for 160m 20m and 30m connect to this station.


Here you can see the 40m and 10m station with IC-760pro and Alpha 374 amplifier. To the left of this station is the 15m, 17m and 80m station with IC-760pro and Alpha 76A amplifier. Not shown very well is station number 4, the multiplier station, located to the left of the 40/10m station which uses an IC-751A and Ameritron AL-811A amplifier.