V6 DX-pedition 2007
We, six members of the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) Kyoto Club, made a DX-pedition to the Federated Stetes of Micronesia (FSM) in summer 2007. This was one of the events celebrating our club's 60th anniversary.
The South Park Hotel, Pohnpei, FSM
6º 58' 02"N, 158º 12'16"E / QJ96CX
IOTA: OC-010 (Pohnpei Islands)
July 30 - August 5. 2007 (partly until August 9th)
Modes / Frequencies
SSB/FM/CW/RTTY/PSK31 on 6 - 160m.
Callsigns and QSL Routes
Callsign Operator QSL route
V6ØDU Hidenori Nohara JI6DUE
V6ØIL Masato Sugiura JF3PLF
V63JJ Kazuo Ebihara JA3ART
V6ØKL Kenji Kawamura JN3JBC
V6ØTI Tetsuya Iwamoto JA3UWB
V6ØTX Shozo Yamamoto JH3TXR
ATTENTION: All of us no longer accept your QSL card(s) via the bureau because our membership period of the JARL for these V6 calls has been ended. Further request(s) should be by SASE.
Special Thanks
We have been allowed to use special callsigns which have the brand-new prefix of V6Ø to celebrate our club's 60th anniversary. Our special thanks should go to Jolden J Johnnyboy, Assistant Secretary and Mark DeOrio, Frequency Manager at the FSM Department of Transportation, Communications & Infrastructure.

Under the poor condition. we could made about 8000 QSOs. Thanks all the stations who called us. 73 es CU.

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